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La idea parte de aprovechar el movimiento de los vehículos, el sol o el viento para generar energía en las carreteras es la idea de varios sistemas que se prueban en diversos lugares del mundo, en el asfalto de vías urbanas, áreas portuarias o supermercados. Gracias a ellos se podrían mantener las farolas, las señales luminosas o los sistemas de ventilación y calefacción, en especial, en zonas aisladas de la red eléctrica.

Bajo esa premisa, como base y punto de partida sobre la que desarrollaremos nuestra empresa, hemos ideado y diseñado un dispositivo alternativo que aprovecha el movimiento de los vehículos (instalable en cualquier tipo de vía pública) robusto, de bajo mantenimiento y facilidad de instalación.

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International Patent

Hidromach Dolo (Plants) is a great fixed structure provide atmospheric water to territories, from 500.000m3 to 5.000.000m3 per year. This production of water not depending of to be near of seas (like deslination plants), we only need humidity, because we transforms this humidity air in water for drinking, for wattering, for Industry... or whatever you want. Before installing it, we start researching deeply the several climate conditions availing the best sources with the minimum costs (both money and power energy). In fact, we don’t invent nothing, because we combine old technology with new technology, and our know how is the perfect combination to give the most quantity of water as possible, with the minimum costs as possible too, with the most effective and efficient results as possible with maximum quality and low power. Our water (by condensation) is potable water by an accurate mineralizing system (with the special characteristics the customer asks).

We design a particular performance by engineering, and after that we hire a construction company to make the structure; we install the components and offer the technical service nearest for doing maintenance. Whole process is completed in one year approximately.


Our water is potable and it can be used by drinking and watering, desalination water is not available for drinking or watering due to theirs characteristics
We can install it in any place, some competitors need to be near of the sea
We offer the best solution for the special climate conditions of each place
They need do it at large sacale, we can do little plants
Our system doesn’t generate waste, and respect the environment


AGRICULTURE (large fields, ...)
NGOs (to distribute water for any useful in development countries)
BOTTLING (specific potable water for bottling companies)
GOVERNMENTS (to distribute water among population)
INDUSTRY (to wash, actions to produce by water...)



General Utilities

Ozone is a powerful natural biocide (it disinfects 15 times more than bleach) improving water and air qualities; in fact, due to its oxidizing and bactericidal powerful effects,  ozone is useful for the water treatment and for the air exchange, added to other uses like improving industrial operations, health security and keeping food products, etc.

In any case, the ozone treatment has got an special average in front of other oxidizing products: it doesn’t charge the environment treaty with chemicals, because when ozone acts, it transforms itself in oxygen in just only 20 seconds. 

What use ozone treatment?

MICROBICIDE. Thanks to its oxidizing characteristics, it is considered one of the most effective and fastest known microbicide agent, against fungi, viruses, bacteria amd mold.  

DEODORANT. The deodorant ozone action is so useful for any type of public establisment or for any particular odor from industry, animal, humidity, tobacco, meals, etc; that’s why the odor problems generally have got a bacteriological origin.

OXYGENATING. Thanks to its oxigenating power, the ozone improves the efficiency of the organisms’ cells for saving the available oxygen (it can regenerate products which were rotting, among others).  

POWER SAVING. Applying correctly ozone in food keeping systems can reduce a lot, the energy of the cold chambers...

PURIFY WATER. This natural biocide, not only acts in the environment, but also acts in the water too, ozone pufies wastewater, pools, aquariums... (its oxygenating action revitalizes the skin too, and it is the only one can be used in aquariums, because chlorine can kill the fishes).  

* Dolo Group team are experts in ozone applications, and we work with the best brands in ozone generators and other complements. Even the ozone goodness, applying bad can make the opposite result than we hope. Please, ask us, we are professionals: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


keeping food, sanitation areas, reducing energy, disinfecting tools... 

HEALTH: disinfecting rooms, forensic deodorizing rooms...

HOTEL INDUSTRY: laundry...





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