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Our company wants to promote securing the immediate and inexhaustible water supplying  around the world, because we think that water have to be public property available for the all mankind, but now it is the more worrying global problem: land is going dry, and scarce potable water is contaminated. That’s the reason why our efforts go directed watching the most valuable sources we have: WATER & RENEWABLE ENERGIES.

L'Empresa: Clean Tech Dolo Group S.L

Clean Tech Dolo Group SL is an R+D company, currently located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona, Spain), but its emphasis is clearly international. We concentrate on developing R&D solutions for energy savings and responsible water management. We are involved in:  water recycling, atmospheric water collection and clean energy systems... Our aim is to take care of the most valuable resources our planet has to offer: WATER & RENEWABLE ENERGIES.

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