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The Company: Clean Tech Dolo Group S.L

The Company: Clean Tech Dolo Group S.L

Clean Tech Dolo Group SL is an R+D company, currently located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona, Spain), but its emphasis is clearly international. We concentrate on developing R&D solutions for energy savings and responsible water management. We are involved in:  water recycling, atmospheric water collection and clean energy systems... Our aim is to take care of the most valuable resources our planet has to offer: WATER & RENEWABLE ENERGIES.

Clean Tech Dolo Group was born, like R+D company, in 2008 with KWD, a highly efficient and effective greywater recicling system, with very good results in the prototype, and after that in some buildings, the most important of these is the Campdevanol Hospital, where they are saving a 50% of the water comsumed in the installed part of the hospital. This product has been awarded several times too: Premis Creatic Mataró in 2008,  & CTI Vienna 2010 are the most important of them.

In 2010 appears HIDROMACH DOLO, a harvessing atmosphere water capable of supplying a large city (production plant), or sending a less production machine for emergency situations (HED). We have a prototype with excellent overcomes, and now it is in an industrial scale production phase. It is our main product, that’s why it has been awarded in several international events: Best Clean Tech Spain Product 2010, special mention in Global Open Clean Tech (2010 Sillicon Valley, Califiornia), Innovact Reims (2010, 2011), ESA Stuttgart 2010, Watervent Dubai 2013, among other nationals.

Finally, we created RPD, a new energy system saving cars dynamics on road (different models depending of the speed). RPD is only defined by paper, but it is awarded too in Horsens (Denmark) in 2012.

In addition to all of this, since the company’s begginings, we offer our own sources gestion services for the companies and societies, who want improve their production and/or lessen their power costs; ozone is often the best tool to reduce costs and increase incomes, and Dolo Group is a good expert in ozone uses and applications (show it in 2008 Huesca, Spain, where one burned building was suitable for working again, thanks to the ozone action against the residual environmental toxicity by Dolo.